Summer 2022 Update

Aug 2022

WOW have we been busy! Too much time has passed since our last update, so here it goes…

In January, Cory LeDrew stepped in to the role of Director of Operations with the Foundation. Previously, Cory was the Lodge Administrator at Pine Valley Lodge in Hinton. Cory brings great knowledge and many years of expertise in large scale operations in the luxury hotel industry. We are growing rapidly as a foundation, so this role was integral to ensure there is support in all our departments. Cory will lead our management teams and guide them to ensure we are maintaining our high standards through these periods of expansion.  As quickly as we welcomed this new role for Cory with excitement, we sadly announce the retirement of our Human Resources Manager, Gail Dunn, in May of this year. Gail was the first Human Resources Manager to be hired and joined The Evergreens Foundation in July 2015. She has been an integral part of advancing our Foundations great work for the last seven (7) years. During her tenure, the Foundation has experienced phenomenal growth. When Gail was hired we had 95 staff and currently we have 170 staff! Her contributions will always be valued and remembered. Gail’s hard work, commitment and dedication are worthy of admiration. Gail will be greatly missed by all of us.

We have a new Seniors Housing Project under way in Victor Lake (located before entering the hamlet of Grande Cache). We are currently through 70% of the design and development phase of the project. The geotechnical and environmental studies and tree clearing is complete. Going forward, we will be working on interior design details and features, as well as, submitting development permits. We are looking forward to sharing the progression of this project with everyone over the coming months.

Next in news—The new Pine Valley Lodge in Hinton.  A portion of phase five within the building is complete, the temporary dining room walls came down back in June and the Pub, Café and indoor garden are scheduled to be completed this fall. If you happen to be from Hinton, you may have noticed that the exterior landscaping is in full swing around property. Sod, trees and other flowers and plants are in the ground. We look forward to welcoming the community into the building with a Grand Opening this fall.  Stay tuned!

We promise not to wait so long for the next update! We hope everyone has a safe and happy Summer!