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We are pleased to offer subsidized housing in Alberta for families and individuals facing financial hardships. We understand the immense value that a secure and affordable home can provide in times of financial strain. Our subsidized rental units offer a strong sense of community, balance, and support.

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What is Subsidized Housing?

The Evergreens Foundation offers subsidized housing in select communities, which helps make living affordable for Albertans regardless of their income. Subsidized housing is designed to ensure that families and individuals spend no more than 30% of their total household income on housing, including rent, heat, water, and sewer services.

We have a limited number of rental units in each community, which are rented based on the greatest need rather than on a first come, first serve basis. This means there may be a waitlist for new applicants.

What is RAB?

The Rental Assistance Benefit is a subsidy program provided by the Alberta government that provides short and long-term support to families in need of housing assistance. Subsidies are paid directly to those who qualify for the program.

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Are you looking for social housing on behalf of someone else?

If you are a social worker or community member seeking independent housing, you can reach out to us directly to receive more information. Please note that our social housing program is based on need and not on a first come, first serve basis. Leave your contact information and we’ll be in touch!

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