Welcome to The Evergreens Foundations’ New Website

Oct 2021

We are beyond excited to introduce to our Brand-New Website! We couldn’t be prouder of this labor of love and we really hope you enjoy exploring.

When we set out on the journey of redoing our website we weren’t really sure what direction to take- what goals did we have? What did we want to share with our communities? Who/What is The Evergreens Foundation? We needed to find our voice and define our brand. That’s where Keen Creative came in.

We learned about Keen Creative a few years ago when they were at an ASCHA convention we attended. They were young, innovative and cutting edge! We knew we liked their vibe and that we would love to potentially work with them in the future. Fast forward a few years; we had been experiencing rapid growth and expansion as a foundation and we knew it was time to take the plunge. Our Board of Directors enlisted us to develop a website that reflected our corporate culture and that appropriately  represented the full diversity of the organization better.

In late 2020 we reached out to Keen to get this project up and running, and boy are we glad we did! The process has been amazing!! We have come out the other side with a gorgeous new website, and modernized “Brand Strategy” and a New Mission and Vision Statement!!

Our mission statement and vision statement needed a makeover, we didn’t feel they reflected al the amazing aspects of The Evergreens Foundation. Once we starting the brainstorming; the ideas just started flowing. We took feedback from employees at all levels and brought these ideas to Keen so they could work their magic. We are beyond thrilled with the outcome.

Mission Statement:

We are:


Vision Statement:

We facilitate a positive quality of life for all Residents by doing what it takes to offer comfort, connection, safety, smiles & support.

Now we think that Mission Statement and Vision statements is a much more accurate reflection of who The Evergreens Foundation in today.

The Brand Strategy has been one of the most exciting aspects of this journey; we are just thrilled with the results. We wanted to connect with our communities and positively convey what it means to be part of The Evergreens Foundation “family”. We have a new logo and a have selected new “brand colours” please click the link attached to check out our fully made over “Brand Strategy” We can’t wait to see what you think…feel free to leaves us some feedback in the comments section ?